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The Diary of Alpha Kappa Psi

The Diary of Alpha Kappa Psi is the foundation’s award-winning magazine. The winter 2018 issue was mailed in early January. The Diary is delivered to Life Members, contributors to the Alpha Kappa Psi Foundation and student members.

What really matters in a first impression?

If you ask many online career forums or older mentors, they’ll immediately jump to a few standard tips: Smile. Give a firm handshake. Make eye contact. Dress to impress. Seems simple enough, right? Kushaan Shah, Maryland ’12 – Life gives essential advice on making a great first impression.

The Singing of Fraternity Songs

If you joined Alpha Kappa Psi after the 1970s, you’d probably be surprised to know the fraternity had a rich tradition of singing songs. All 25 songs with music featured in the 1956 songbook, Songs of Alpha Kappa Psi, was recently performed and recorded by Patrick Northcraft, Toledo ‘13-Life. Listen for yourself here!

Alumni Profiles

LeAnne Anklan, Cincinnati ’03
Walter Chandoha, San Diego ’48 – Life
Alison Jennings, Oakland ’02
Don Sechler, Arizona State ’96-Life
Teddy McCullough, American ’13

Fraternity News

2016 – 17 Award Winners
2017 Convention
Chapters Report
Newest Chapters and Colonies
And more…

How do I get the Diary?

Collegiate members receive the Diary through the payment of initiation fees. The magazine is mailed to chapters in bundles for distribution in the fall, and individually to home addresses in the summer.

Life Members have lifetime subscriptions to the magazine, while all Alpha Kappa Psi Foundation supporters and Phoenician Society members receive the magazine for the year of their contributions (a gift of any size will ensure a one-year subscription).

How do I change my mailing address?

Email your old and new addresses to You may also call (317) 872-1553, fax (317) 872-1567, or send postal mail to 7801 East 88th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46256-1233.

How can I get published?

If you have a letter to the editor, alumni news, tip, or story idea, you can submit them for consideration.

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