Giving Societies and Circles

Donors to the AKPsi Foundation are recognized in both annual giving societies and lifetime giving circles.

Donors making gifts to the general fund, to be used where the need is greatest, are recognized through annual fund giving societies. These gifts are made between July 1 and June 30 each year. Donors are also recognized for their lifetime giving through our lifetime giving circles.

Lifetime Giving Circles

Legacy Circle
Leadership Circle
Blue & Gold
Crest Circle
Galley Circle
Loyalty Circle
Friendship Circle

Annual Giving Societies

1904 Club
Chairman’s Club
President’s Club
Founder’s Club
Brooklyn Bridge Club
Sapphire Club
Patron’s Club
Sustaining Member

Donors with lifetime giving totals of $1,000+ and an annual giving of $250+ qualify as voting members of the Alpha Kappa Psi Foundation. For more information on your giving levels, contact Stephanie Bentley at the Howell+Wendroff Professional Center.

Clifford Spangler Society

Many supporters of Alpha Kappa Psi use their estate plans to make the most substantial gift of their lifetimes to one of the most influential organizations of their lives. And, you can join them today by naming the AKPsi Foundation as the owner and beneficiary of your estate. Gifts of these types over a certain level afford generous alumni and friends membership in the Clifford Spangler Society. CSS offers almost any alumnus the opportunity to become a major donor. By the twilight of their lives, many people have accumulated significant assets — in houses, retirement plans and other property — that can be the basis for substantial gifts to family members and charitable causes.

Without proper planning, your primary beneficiary may be Uncle Sam, but an attorney familiar with estate planning issues can help you guarantee that your legacy benefits the people and causes you care about most.

Who do I contact?

We welcome the opportunity to discuss gift planning opportunities with all brothers interested in leaving such a legacy. Please email the Alpha Kappa Psi Foundation for more information or call (317) 872-1553

Current Clifford Spangler Society members:

Sonia A. Advani, Wisconsin ‘99-Life
Paul R. Bailey, Michigan State ‘88-Life
William K. Bissey, Indiana ‘61-Life
Jeffrey A. Blade, Butler ‘84-Life
Samuel V. Boodoian, Wayne State ‘51-Life*
Timothy L. Brandenburg, Cincinnati ‘96-Life
Paul J. Brinker, Cincinnati ’84-Life &
Leslie-Ann Brinker, Old Dominion ‘76-Life
Angela D. Brown, Adrian College ‘81-Life
Gerald D. Byrd, Long Beach ‘62-Life*
Joseph A. Clark, Old Dominion ‘01
Michael G. Dickerson, Virginia Tech ’04-Life
William A. Donnelly Jr., NYU ‘36-Life*
Gregory R. DuRoss, Wayne State ‘70-Life
Gary L. Epperson, Hoosier Alumni ’92-Honorary/Life
Chris Ryan Feather, Pittsburgh-Johnstown ‘95-Life
Georgia L. Flatt, North Carolina-Charlotte ’10-Life
John M. Garbaczewski, Arizona ‘54-Life*
Victor A. Greene, West Georgia ‘77-Life
Howard O. Hampton, NYU ’43-Life*
Timothy J. Hampton, Saint Louis ’76-Life &
Elizabeth A. Hampton, Saint Louis ’78-Life
Michael C. Heer, Towson ’06-Life &
Tana M. Dippolito Heer, Buffalo ’06-Life
Jessica L. Hill, Arizona State ‘95-Life
Kenneth W. Hufford, Montana ‘33-Life*
Matthew T. Jaeger, Trinity ‘98-Life
Jess C. LaNore, Purdue ‘00-Honorary/Life
Catherine Lassesen, UNLV ‘82-Life
R.K. Lee, Washington ’67-Life
Robert M. Linden, Central Michigan ‘64-Life
Marvin L. Longabaugh, Texas Tech ‘80-Life
Paul E. Lubic, Christopher Newport ‘94

David S. Margolis, Wayne State ’76-Life
Richard W. McVay, Texas Tech ‘79-Life
Pamela A. Miksell, Iowa ’96-Life
Paula Elaine Minton-Givens, Western Kentucky ’04
M.C. Moore, Virginia Tech ’86-Life
George W. Morford, Washington ‘48-Life*
John P. Muehlman, Western Kentucky ’67-Life*
Nicholas A. Myers, Florida ‘99-Life
Eliza J. Hernandez Nuccio, North Carolina-Charlotte ’09-Life &
James Christian Nuccio, UNC-Charlotte ’09-Life
Ryan J. Ott, UC-Davis ’06
Lumir S. Palma, Illinois ‘37*
Dr. Robert S. Prati, San Diego ‘96-Life
Todd J. Regis, Western Michigan ’86-Life
Daniel J. Roselli, Michigan State ‘89-Life
David Russo, Christopher Newport ‘05
Karl A. Sakas, William & Mary ‘01-Life
Carlton J. Siegler, Columbia ‘31-Life*
Gordon L. Snider, Colorado College ‘37-Life*
Clifford D. Spangler, Nebraska ‘28-Life*
Heather A. Strbiak, Florida State ’89-Life
Dan L. Stubblefield, Middle Tennessee ‘89-Life &
Barbara L. Stubblefield
Steven T. Tabac, Michigan‘63-Life
Christine M. Vasquez, Arizona State ‘98-Life
Stephen Vasquez, Arizona State ‘72-Life
Suzanne M. Ward Drake ’92-Life
Mark D. Warden, USC ‘81-Life
David P. Wendroff, Portland ‘79-Life &
Wendy A. Wendroff, Tri-State ‘80-Life

*Audit Eternal

Phoenician Society

The Phoenician Society provides vital funding and operational support for those programs identified by the Alpha Kappa Psi Foundation to be crucial to the ongoing success of the fraternity. Members of the Phoenician Society are alumni and friends who have chosen to invest in the future prosperity of the fraternity through annual, unrestricted tax-deductible gifts of $1,000 or more. Students and recent graduates (up to ten years out of college) can join at a reduced rate.

What are the membership benefits?

  • Communication reserved for the fraternity’s closest alumni and friends
  • Recognition in appropriate fraternity and foundation publications
  • Phoenician Society ribbon at appropriate fraternity events
  • Invitation-only event at Convention
  • Subscription to The Diary of Alpha Kappa Psi
  • Valuable tax deduction (US residents)
  • Phoenician Society lapel pin


I’ve already made a gift, but how can I add to it so I can join the Phoenician Society?

As long as all gifts combined meet the membership threshold within a 12-month period (based on the date of the first gift), a person can still join the Phoenician Society even if his/her first gift was not counted toward a PS membership. The next gift would either have to be the balance paid in full, or an installment plan is put into place using a credit card. Please contact the foundation so a customized plan can be made for you.

How can I renew my Phoenician Society membership?

Membership will automatically renew if you are on a credit card installment plan (you can cancel your membership at any time). Please note that if you were taking advantage of the recent graduate or student rate, the installment amount will increase upon renewal (annual membership increases by an additional $100 per year since graduation until $1,000 is reached). If you paid for your most recent membership in full with check or credit card, you will be contacted before your 12-month anniversary about how you’d like to renew.

What is my rate to join the Phoenician society?

For 2020, individuals may join in the Phoenician Society at the following rates. These amounts may be paid in full or via installments:

$1,000 Graduates from 2010 or earlier
$900 Graduates from 2011
$800 Graduates from 2012
$700 Graduates from 2013
$600 Graduates from 2014
$500 Graduates from 2015
$400 Graduates from 2016
$300 Graduates from 2017
$200 Graduates from 2018
$100 Graduates from 2019
$60 Students (includes YRS membership)

Join today by choosing an option convenient for you.

Yellow Rose Society

Through their Yellow Rose Society memberships, our students join alumni in funding Alpha Kappa Psi Foundation programs that directly benefit our future business leaders. These leadership and educational opportunities for students include the Academy, All-AKPsi Academic Team, Case Competition and scholarships. These programs play a vital role in helping to make the fraternity’s vision a reality: Alpha Kappa Psi is recognized as the premier developer of principled business leaders.

What are membership benefits?

Yellow Rose Society members receive special recognition in The Diary of Alpha Kappa Psi and at the Principled Business Leadership Institute and Convention. First-time members receive a free monogram AKPsi lapel pin (official fraternity jewelry, normally sells for $11.95 at, and renewing members are recognized for building consecutive giving histories that will continue into their alumni years. Other perks include notices of member-only events and special offers. Most of all, our students receive the satisfaction of knowing that their charitable giving is making a difference for our members throughout AKPsi.

How can I join?

To join the Yellow Rose Society, the foundation asks for a minimum contribution of $10 per person. For chapters wanting to sign-up multiple individuals at once, simply send a list of students to For payment, make one lump-sum payment online, or send a check for the appropriate amount to the Heritage Center.

Make a gift today!