Chapter Designated Funds

Dear alumni, parents and friends:

Donors may chose to earmark their gifts for a chapter of their choice. Through the Chapter Designated Fund Program (CDF), Alpha Kappa Psi Foundation accepts tax-deductible contributions to support individual chapter members attendance at leadership develop programs and academic scholarships. Interest income is awarded annually to each chapter that reaches or exceeds the endowment goal of $10,000.

Because only interest income is spent, the endowment will create scholarships for chapters into perpetuity. For example, if an endowment is valued at $25,000 at the beginning of an academic year, that year’s scholarships is $1,500 (based on 5% interest). As contributions are added to our endowment each year, the scholarship amounts continue to grow.

Chapters choose to partner with the Alpha Kappa Psi Foundation because of two important reasons:

  1. The AKPsi Foundation has professionally managed chapter scholarship funds since 1995 and it is recognized by the IRS as a charitable organization that can accept tax-deductible contributions (gifts made directly to the chapter are not tax deductible).
  2. Donors to a chapter’s scholarship fund receive the same benefits associated with all donors to the foundation, including recognition on donor honor rolls and receiving at-home subscriptions to The Diary of Alpha Kappa Psi.

Chapters welcome your support in helping grow their endowments so they can increase the size of their annual scholarships for future generations of AKPsi members.

See the impact your gift can make.