Members of AKPsi and friends of the Foundation have generously contributed to the annual True Blue Fund.

Gifts fund leadership programming, scholarships, and ongoing educational programs. By providing opportunities for growth, leadership and development, we move one step closer each year to fulfilling the vision of our fraternity. Donors to the Alpha Kappa Psi Foundation are recognized in both annual giving clubs and lifetime giving circles.


Scholarships help defray the increasing costs of a college education by recognizing students who demonstrate significant leadership through service to Fraternity or community.


The Academy is an intensive four-day leadership development program which uses highly advanced concepts to challenge the best and brightest of AKPsi’s young leaders.

All-AKPsi Academic Team

The All-AKPsi Academic Team recognizes students who balance academic excellence with the development of leadership skills, extracurricular participation, and a sense of social responsibility.

Case Competition

Through the Case Competition student teams have the opportunity to compete against each other by developing realistic business models that are evaluated by a panel of judges.

Donor Honor Roll

Angela Brown, Adrian ’81-Life
Drexel Beck, Alabama ’71
Grace Reece, Alabama ’20
Charles Kemp, Alabama State ’00-Life
Lisa Calandriello, American ’97 -Life
Scott Butera, Arizona State ’84-Life
Chrissy Vasquez, Arizona State ’98-Life
Katie Richoux, Arkansas ’19
Hunter Shedd, Arkansas ’19
Stephanie Potter, Auburn ’00-Life
Jessica Seitz, Auburn ’02-Life
Ben Julian, Austin Peay ’02-Life
Christopher Clemens, Ball State ’03
Carrie Wiant, Ball State ’02
James Crawford, Boise State ’69-Life
Mat Johnston, Boise State ’12-Life
John LeVering, Boise State ’95-Life
Emerson Maxson, Boise State ’69
John Fuller, Boston ’50-Life
Melinda Rosenthall, Boston ’18
Philip Paleg, Bradley ’72
Chester Romaniak, Bradley ’68
James Westfall, California State-Fresno ’63-Life
David Williams, California State-Fresno ’08-Life
Amber Hambach, California, San Diego ’20
Kevin Kuligowski, Canisius ’79-Life
Tim Veigle, Central Florida ’04-Life
Loren Bidle, Central Michigan ’72-Life
Hannah Elledge, Central Washington ’10
Brooke Saul, Central Washington ’06-Life
Charles Edson, Christopher Newport ’07
LeAnne Anklan, Cincinnati ’03
Paul Brinker, Cincinnati ’84-Life
Thomas Ferrero, Dayton ’65-Life
Louis Golm, Denver ’62-Life
Francis Doherty, Detroit – Day Division ’50-Life
James Parrino, Detroit – Day Division ’68-Life
Suzanne Ward, Drake ’92-Life
Amber Hill, Eastern Kentucky ’08-Life
Michael Archer, Eastern Michigan ’72
Jeff Frank, Eastern Michigan ’86-Life
Kaisa Siipola, Eastern Washington ’17
Charles Sundgren, Eastern Washington ’75-Life
Shawn Pelc, Edinboro ’15-Life
Shannon Weinstein, Elon ’05-Life
Don Futch, Florida ’66
Michael Kublin, Florida ’75-Life
Corey Reddy, Florida ’15
Stephen Smith, Florida ’86-Life
Giovanni Fernandez, Florida International ’01
Jacqueline Ginarte, Florida International ’04-Life
Rita Hurtado, Florida International ’00
Robin Buck, Florida State ’90
Julie Mangan, Florida State ’90
Michael Mangan, Florida State ’91
Allison Moore, Florida State ’94-Life
Carolyn Shackelford, Florida State ’79-Life
Timothy Anderson, Georgia ’75
James Harrison, Georgia State ’76-Life
Tommy Loo, Georgia State ’71-Life
Carol Carter, Gustavus Adolphus ’76-Life
James Elsesser, Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ’62
Tim Daniels, Indiana ’06-Life
Allen Marcus, Indiana ’72-Life
Tricia Mulcare, Indiana ’95
Christopher Mulvihill, Indiana ’80-Life
Brian Parker, Indiana ’93-Life
Terry Robinson, Indiana ’80-Life
Austin Angel, Indiana State ’15
Melinda Bierman, Indiana State ’07
Jacob Braunecker, Indiana State ’09
James Bridge, Indiana State ’09
Curt Bromm, Indiana State ’06
Dustin Bryant, Indiana State ’07-Life
Alison Burbrink, Indiana State ’07
Lindsey Butorac, Indiana State ’08
Lana Clifton, Indiana State ’07
Diana Craig, Indiana State ’16
Ashley Cribelar, Indiana State ’05
Jennifer Eastridge, Indiana State ’06
Chelsea Ebaugh, Indiana State ’10
Courtney Ferguson, Indiana State ’16
Jaquelyn Gary, Indiana State ’11

Morgan Godden, Indiana State ’09
Monica Griesemer, Indiana State ’15
William Hamblen, Indiana State ’09
Angela Harden, Indiana State ’08
Michael Haseley, Indiana State ’03
Derek Heinz, Indiana State ’10
Michael Hickox, Indiana State ’09
Maulik Khatadia, Indiana State ’03
Todd Klemp, Indiana State ’02
Nicole Klemp, Indiana State ’04
Nathaniel Koehler, Indiana State ’16
Sara Ladson, Indiana State ’05
Katie Ladson, Indiana State ’05
Kendra Lindsey, Indiana State ’08
David Long, Indiana State ’10
David Lund, Indiana State ’09
Leah Mauder, Indiana State ’15
Jessica May, Indiana State ’05
Lindsay Mayo, Indiana State ’08
Anna Neihart, Indiana State ’15
Tiffani Newlin, Indiana State ’07
Sara Phillips, Indiana State ’08
John Pigg, Indiana State ’06
Sarah Powers, Indiana State ’15-Life
Andrew Pyle, Indiana State ’06
Bartholomew Robertson, Indiana State ’05
BethAnne Robinson, Indiana State ’05
Haylee Sigmon, Indiana State ’16
Michael Sprinkle, Indiana State ’15
Danielle Thompson, Indiana State ’06
Jessica Weesner, Indiana State ’10
Willie Winters, Indiana State ’04
Nicole Zdrojewski, Indiana State ’16
Charles Hartman, Iowa ’62-Life
Nancy Huebner, Iowa ’89-Life
Jeffrey Warner, Iowa ’84-Life
Jennifer Dobel, Iowa State ’01
Melissa Prager, Iowa State ’98-Life
Elizabeth McCullough, Jacksonville ’87-Life
Patrick McQuillan, James Madison ’91-Life
Heather Robinette, Kansas State ’09-Life
Phillip Thompson, Kansas State ’72
Courtney Buentello, Lamar ’05-Life
America Burnette, Lipscomb ’19
Maribeth Bitner, Lock Haven ’13-Life
M. Calvin Bond, Louisiana State ’16
Lea Goodwin, Louisiana State ’99-Life
Robert Fuesel, Loyola -Chicago ’56-Life
Alec Morand, Loyola Marymount ’13
Joshua Bowman, Loyola-New Orleans ’12-Life
Sherah LeBoeuf, Loyola-New Orleans ’05-Life
Jason Weinstein, McGill ’03-Life
Michael Lima, Miami ’96
Manuel Pravia, Miami ’89-Life
Gabriela Reichert, Miami ’12
Arthur Frederick, Miami ’58-Life
C. Steven Hartman, Miami ’16
Lou Barkman, Michigan State ’98-Life
John Hudak, Michigan State ’85-Life
Daniel Roselli, Michigan State ’89-Life
Mike Callahan, Michigan-Dearborn ’14
Dan Stubblefield, Middle Tennessee State ’89-Life
Abigail Mabley, Mississippi ’16
Fred Nichols, Mississippi State ’70-Life
Jennifer Hensley, Missouri ’96
Joan Nolting, Missouri ’81
Daniel Witthaus, Missouri ’77
Debbie Barrett, Montclair State ’98
Andrea Nemeth, Montclair State ’91-Life
Marisa Westerholm, Nebraska-Lincoln ’04
Rufus Langley, North Carolina ’62 -Life
Harry Young North Carolina ’51
Catherine Chicue Paramo, North Florida ’15
Madeline Bush, Northern Arizona ’15
Richard Slowik, Northern Michigan ’67-Life
Ariane Stone, Nova Southeastern ’05-Life
Deborah Habel, Oakland ’85-Life
Thomas Kalnicki, Ohio State ’90-Life
Will MacDonald, Ohio State ’19
Leslie Brinker, Old Dominion ’76-Life
Steven Craig, Old Dominion ’79-Life
William OBrien, Old Dominion ’69-Life
Tiffiny Nofziger, Oregon State ’05

Martin Levenson, Penn ’61-Life
William Foulds, Penn State ’64-Life
Alyssa Goldstein, Penn State ’06-Life
Walter Vongehr, Penn State ’65-Life
Joanne Larson, Pittsburgh ’01
Chris Feather, Pittsburgh at Johnstown ’95-Life
Melanie Kelsey, Puget Sound ’91-Life
Bruce Michelson, Richmond ’86
Dorraine Lallani, Sam Houston State ’81-Life
Richard Comer, Samford ’72-Life
Alexander Sultan, San Diego State ’93-Life
Michelle Rogers, Seattle ’89-Life
Jake Koehler, Seton Hall ’14
Michael Stein, Seton Hall ’78-Life
Lauren Brooks, Shippensburg ’09
Amy Kelley, Shippensburg ’95-Life
Zane Quible, Southeast Missouri State ’67-Life
Howard Chang, Southern California ’95
Harold Frank, Southern California ’66
Michael Palmer, Southern California ’81-Life
Christopher Warmuth, Southern California ’74-Life
Cady E. Tabeling, Southern Indiana ’11-Life
Anthony Gwiazdowski, St. Francis ’74-Life
Liz Buttner, Stetson ’11
Marie Stacey, Stetson ’12-Life
Javier Bonifacio, Syracuse ’11
Joel Chusid, Tennessee-Knoxville ’68-Life
Todd Lathrop, Tennessee-Knoxville ’12-Life
Robert Routh, Tennessee-Knoxville ’90-Life
Richard Battle, Texas at Austin ’70-Life
Joseph Kyle, Texas at Austin ’71-Life
Eli Markowitz, Texas at San Antonio ’16-Life
Vonda Buzanski, Texas State-San Marcos ’89-Life
Scott Howell, Texas Tech ’79-Life
Jacob Drees, Toledo ’11-Life
Anita Gaietto, Toledo ’84-Life
John Giangrande, Toledo ’83
Mackenzie Lauka, Toledo ’10-Life
Patrick Northcraft, Toledo ’13-Life
Coral Petersen, Toledo ’15-Life
Jeffrey Stoll, Toledo ’80-Life
Gedeon Bireda, Towson ’19
Vadim Shleyfman, Towson ’09
John Brossack, Tri-State ’71-Life
Whitelaw Allen, UCLA ’50-Life
David Labowitz, UCLA ’62-Life
Robert Schreck, UCLA ’63-Life
Vincent Manalio, Upsala ’63-Life
John Von Achen, Upsala ’74-Life
Orville Kelley, Utah State ’69-Life
Melvin Stanford, Utah State ’56 -Life
Coretta Organ, Virginia ’85
John Werner, Virginia ’86-Life
Jeffrey Barnes, Virginia Tech ’59
Michael Dickerson, Virginia Tech ’04-Life
William Kibler, Virginia Tech ’58-Life
Brendan Sherry, Virginia Tech ’97-Life
Harold Daub, Washington ’62-Life
Chukwudi Mbanefo, Washington ’17
Joseph Saul, Wayne State ’61-Life
Cary Efaw, Waynesburg ’72-Life
Walter Hudson, West Texas A&M ’72-Life
Kathryn Dimoff, Western Carolina ’02
Thomas D’Amico, Western Kentucky ’72
Therese Loughmiller, Wichita State ’13
Lee Whitcomb, Wisconsin-Madison ’53-Life
Kenlee Brill, Wisconsin-Milwaukee ’95-Life
Eileen Howell, Wisconsin-Milwaukee ’78-Life
David Payne, Wisconsin-Milwaukee ’79
Stephanie Bentley
Hazel Collier
Evan Davis
Gary Epperson, Hoosier Alumni Chapter ’92-Life
Lou Ann Epperson
Margaret Fuesel
Deana Gausepohl
Florence Handrich
Heather Harrison 19
Samantha Kelley
Steve Moore
Jason Pierce
Alberto Rios
Chris Robinette
David Seitz
Jennifer Sherry
Dallas Thacker
Desiree Williams
Jefferson Zapata

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